KIMSY is a result of many years of design, inspiration and work.  I love large-scale textile prints bursting with color.  My design aesthetic is a result of several influences including the natural colors and textures of the farm I grew up on as well as the experiences of artists and architects in my family.  I love the whole process of design.  It might start out as an idea I have while walking or gardening creating my starting point.  From there my ideas for color, design, and coordinates are explored.  It is exciting to have my design ideas come to life!  We live in a digital age but my work is all hand painted and organic.  It features large, bold designs that work well in a number of applications including fabric, wallpaper and floor coverings.  My prior work as a consultant has led to décor in hotels worldwide, including in the mainland US, Hawaii and Dubai.


My latest collection is available now at Style Revolutionary in Brisbane, Australia and Karen Saks Showrooms in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton